Gardenshop Hong Kong

Designed in Gardenshop (Patent registered in KIPRIS) with a carefully selected wood and aroma ingredients.
You can use anywhere even carelessly thanks to the sealing method that won’t spill but spread scent through its lid from wooden wick underneath.
Bring new level of this functional and relaxing calm to your home, office, rooms, spa or a car day and night, reducing stress and enhancing mood.


Sweet and soft fragrance.

How to use

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Remove the plastic plug.
  3. Close the lid again, and insert a wooden stick into the hole.
  4. Plug the rear clips into the vehicle air vents. (It is possible to rotate the clip, both horizontal and vertical tuyere)


  1. Please be careful not to touch young children. If it gets in your eyes, wash with clean water and consult a doctor.
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and be careful about fire.
  3. Open the windows occasionally to ventilate.
  4. When using in a car, please open windows when boarding to circulate air that is over-exposed in an enclosed space.
  5. Please keep the lid closed when not using for a long time.
  6. If the varnish is applied to the wooden product or leather, it may be damaged.
  7. Please be careful that liquid may flow out if left over.
  8. Do not use for other purposes (massage, food, etc.)


重量 6 kg



搶先評價 “Diffuser for Car _Bamboo 汽車香薰 (6ml)”

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